I'm running an old version of Internet Explorer

Jobs.gg has been designed to take advantage of features available in modern browsers to give the best user experience, performance and security. Not all the features are available in older versions of Internet Explorer so some parts of the site might not work as smoothly as in modern browsers. These old versions of Internet Explorer are being phased out and their market share is dwindling, large sites such as Facebook and parts of Google no longer support them, several governments recommend avoiding and heck, even Microsoft doesn’t want you to use them. You can learn more with this article and upgrade to a faster, more secure browser at browserhappy.com – they’re all free.

If you’re working for a company with a tyrannous IT department who refuse to install a better, safer browser you can try our jobs.gg administration application instead. Finally, if that fails contact info@jobs.gg and we’ll do our best to aid you.